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Prepare your Will, arranging your Funneral plans and Legal Powers of Attorny; in the West Midlands at discounted rates


Having an incorrect or out of date Will or no Will at all means that your next of kin have to deal with unnecessary expense, paperwork and administration at a difficult time.

Sorting out your estate and any legacies can also result in considerable additional expense particularly if, as is often the case, lawyers become involved. We offer the following benefits

As a member of the Society of Will Writers you can rest assured that your Will is prepared by a qualified and approved professional. We work with a variety of different clients, and are advisors to the West Midlands Care Association.

How using an Estate Planner can Help

If you die without a Will or your partner re-marries then your loved ones could be left without the Inheritance you intended. A Professional Will writer or estate planner can stop this from happening to your children or other family members. Our Will writers ensure that each Will, Living Will or Lasting Power of Attorney is tailor made to suit the individual requirements of our clients.

Inheritance Tax Avoidance and Estate preservation

With the large increase in the number of people liable to Inheritance tax the services of professional Will writers have become more and more popular. It is a simple fact that a correctly drafted Will Trust can help many avoid Inheritance Tax and help prevent your family being disinherited or losing their home to care fees.

Probate Help and Assistance

Obtaining Probate need not be a lengthy and costly process which many people think only solicitors can handle. Most cases requiring Probate can be handled by the appointed executors of the Will with a little help and guidence.  Affairs in Order offer Probate Assistance at a fixed cost, to new or existing clients, reducing the cost considerably of obtaining Probate, removing the worry and anxiety of a % charge to the deceased estate. Most home owners own their property jointly and this means that the property passes to the survivor on first death outside of the Will, therefore it does not attract a probate charge. When Probate is calculated on a % basis this usually includes 50% of the deceased share in their property resulting in an additional cost of several thousand pounds, which is an unnecessary charge.