Advice about LPAs

Lasting/Enduring Power of Attorney

UK (except Scotland)
Partly, as a result of longer life expectancy, we all face the possibility that we may lose the mental capacity to manage our own affairs. The onset of illnesses such as Dementia or Alzheimers Disease, may impair our ability to cope with a variety of day to day matters. The inability to sign cheques, sell assets or withdraw money from the building society can create an extremely distressing and difficult situation for ourselves and our family.
If capacity is lost our affairs are taken over by the Court of Protection/Office of the Public Guardian, which can be an intrusive, lengthy and costly procedure. The Court of Protection have charged people 3.2billion pounds to access their own Funds. However, this situation can be avoided by the appointment of an Enduring/Lasting Power of Attorney; a document which legally authorises one or more people, we trust, to act on our behalf.
We also feel it is important that you can be part of the final decisions regarding your love one and so you also should consider a health and welfare lasting power of attorney as well.

NOTE - It was only possible to set up Enduring Power of Attorneys until September 2007 when the new system of Lasting Power of Attorney took over

If you would like help with producing a Power of Attorney contact the Care Association on 01384 637116 and we can put you in touch with a registered person who will walk you through the process at a cost which is less than half what a Solicitor would charge. This service is geared to people who are in a Care Home or receiving Care at Home; so the registered person will come out to you.

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